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I’m Emmy, a visual artist who was born in south Brazil by accident and should be living in Middle Earth. Here I’ll show you all my ideas, my art, my love for fantasy and reveal how you can be part of it through the stories and experiences shown in my art, which is available in my store, or requesting an exclusive art piece for you.

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In the art blog, we post reviews, tutorials, works in process and anything related to our world.


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Fantasy, nature, mysticism and magical creatures inspired art.


To know more about commercial illustration, design, and how to hire my services, please read the FAQ.

Infinite Maze — Blog

3 inspiring and essential art blogs

One of the best things in the internet, to me, are the infinite sources of inspiration and knowledge we can find in all areas of work. In this article, I will share with you three blogs that I discovered recently, created by artists of the…

Giveaway {closed} and wallpapers available!

Finally, we have an online shop! Yes, Blank, the interns and I have been working constantly since the beginning of the year to make our store a pleasant and magical space for you. We’re still adjusting small details and adding new products. Of course, the…

My art through the years

In the last months of 2017 I finally got the closest to the result that I have always imagined for my drawings. Finally, I’m able to finish things that are really as I would like them to be. Ideas, composition, color, drawing and painting. I…

Polychromos — Faber Castell

Há meses estou planejando publicar esta resenha a respeito da linha Polychromos da Faber Castell, e finalmente, agora, consegui finalizar. De certa forma, acho que até foi bom meu pequeno (pequeno? /risos) atraso, pois já consegui utilizar minha paleta em muitos trabalhos e tenho absoluta…


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