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I’m Emmy, a visual artist who was born in south Brazil by accident and should be living in Middle Earth. I am an illustrator, a graphic designer and an artist. Keep reading to learn a bit more about me.

My assistant Blank Infinity and I.

What do I create

Art and illustrations inspired by fantasy, nature, people, feelings, magic, mysticism and magical creatures. Those are not the only subjects I work with, but they are my favorites; So, consequently, they are the ones I have developed the best. Of course if you come up with ideas different than those we can talk about it, I might be able to develop those too. — Oh, really? Let me see.


Named Émile Dala Senta by my mother, I became Emmy when I was a teenager, after many people had problems with pronouncing my name correctly. I got used to being called Emily and ended up accepting that as my actual name (today I even use many other versions of my name — and people are really creative around here). To make things simple, my friends started calling me Emy (later I changed it to Emmy, with two “m” because I don’t like short words).

Just like any child, I began drawing since very early. Drawing since you are a child doesn’t make you any different, but continuing to draw as you get older does. Most people quit drawing when they become teenagers but thanks to my family, I didn’t. My family, my teachers and my classmates used to say that my drawings were beautiful and it was probably because of that I never quit drawing.

Let’s skip the boring parts of the story for now. The thing is that I had to study something at the university and after being too indecisive between Journalism, Art, Astronomy (?!?!), Languages and Law I fortunately chose Graphic Design. In the end, I don’t think I would fit any other area besides Art or Design. Graphic Design allowed me to work with everything I love most, and gave me the skills I needed to do exactly what I love doing: sending messages through images; that is: drawing.

I graduated with a major in Graphic Design in 2013.

And also completed many courses for drawing and techniques, such as graphite, colored pencils, watercolor and ink.

Blog Team

Blank Infinity

Blank Infinity is a rare half-and-half owl, child of a sweet female ural owl (Strix uralensis) and a bad-tempered male great horned owl (Pseudoscops clamator). Due to this crossbreed, it is said that the half-and-half owl might develop bipolar disorder. Still, Blank Infinity is a respectful and efficient secretary. She has infinite memory, although her best skill is to delegate duties to the interns.

John Michael

Ctophylla alba also known as Honduran White Bat, or, in this specific team, Intern #1. He has the important task of delivering messages to our blog subscribers, scheduling posts (Blank Infinity’s former duty) and to supervise Intern #2.


Our second intern belongs to vampire bat species Diphylla ecaudata. Her abilities are still unknown, but we have already found out that her name is Sharon. She’s not much into talking. We have already noticed that she’s very observant and intuitive, that is, she learns fast.

Gabi Xavier

Our new and probably most valuable blog contributor, she is going to fill the Infinite Maze with artistic, mystic, apocalyptic and inspiring content (maybe all of these at once).

Born in Natal — RN, Gabriela Xavier graduated from UFRN in 2011 with a Visual Art degree. She currently teaches in public school, but when she is not in the classroom battling through the current education system she likes to paint, draw, create stories and do some crafts.
Her work reflects her tastes for esotericism, astronomy, animals, mysticism and movies. She also loves sci fi, steampunk and cyberpunk. She admires everything that involves art and human subjectivity.

Links: Instagram | Behance | Society6 | gabiacxavier@gmail.com

Gabi, just out from one of her paintings.

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