In the about page I talk about the drawings and paintings I do, including portraits, tattoo designs and commercial illustrations. Many people have questions about it, so, to make things easier, I’ll list below the questions I receive the most often.

Commissions (portraits and other drawings)

—  Do you accept commissions?

— Yes. I can draw almost anything, even though I have some some limitations regarding my style. My favorite subjects are people, animals, plants and landscapes, usually involving fantasy, gothic or dramatic themes. Therefore, keep in mind that things like futuristic vehicles in a post-apocalyptic world will hardly look convincing if done by me.

— I have a photograph and I would like you to draw it. Can you do it?

— Yes, I can. Although I do not reproduce complete photographs because honestly I don’t see any point in doing that. I like to keep realistic parts in the drawing, like the face or main subject, but work freely in the rest of the composition.

Here is an example of a portrait that I’ve done for a client:

Retrato tamanho A3, em aquarela e lápis de cor. Acima, as referências. Objetivo: Retratar a cliente e uma de suas maiores paixões, o mar ♥

Tattoo design

— Do you draw art for tattoo?

— Yes. Art that I create for tattoos are completely unique designs. I don’t even post them in my online portfolio (unless I have my client’s permission to do so) to avoid copies. And I obviously won’t reproduce another person’s tattoo art for you.

— I’d like you to draw a tattoo for me. But what if I don’t like it?

— You don’t need to worry about that. When you order a design for a tattoo I’ll ask you any details I need to create your design, and we will have adjustment steps. All the details that I usually ask for are described below.

— I’d like to have a tattoo, but I’m not sure how I want it to look. Can you help me?

— I can. If you give me all the basic information regarding the meaning or the main subject that you would like to get tattooed, and which part of your body you would like to have it on, I can help you. But you must have at least a minimum of an idea of what you would like to get tattooed.

If you are really out of ideas but REALLY want to get a tattoo, I recommend you to look up Tattoodo for inspiration; which I think is the best place for that. And later we talk again. And this should be obvious by now but just in case: do not copy someone else’s tattoo.

— May I tattoo an artwork of yours (which has not been made under commission)?

— Please note that creating tattoo designs is also a part of my job. I kindly ask that you do not have any artwork of mine tattooed without my express permission.

— You draw very well, when are you going to start tattooing?

— Believe me when I say my favorite canvas is paper. I don’t have any plans to start drawing on human skin any time soon (not because I faint when I see blood, not at all).

— How to order a tattoo design:

Ideally, the process of creating a tattoo design follows these steps:

♦ You talk to me about your idea and we see if I’m able draw it. I tell you the quote, you approve, we move on!

♦ You send to me, by email

  1. References of tattoos you like, images of the subject you chose and/or tattoos you find good looking even if they are not of the same subject.
  2. Size and part of the body you are going to get your tattoo on.
  3. All other possible specifications or restrictions.

♦ I sketch it quickly, as precisely as possible, based on the information you gave me.

♦ You approve it OR you ask me to adjust it; sometimes people ask me to add a small element, a word, etc. Sometimes happens that someone asks for a change which makes me have to draw the sketch all over again; for that reason this first sketch is not really finished, because if I need to redraw everything I can do that at least once without charging more for it.

♦ Sketch approved, I finish the lineart, shading and define all details, always trying to make your tattoo artist’s life easier (because we want the tattoo to look exactly like the design you approved).

♦ I send you the file in high resolution, in the right size. The tattoo artist will be able to reduce or enlarge the art a little if needed.

♦ Have your beautiful new tattoo done and send me a picture when it’s ready ♥

IMPORTANT: I do not post tattoo designs on my portfolio or blog, unless under express permission from my clients. I am aware of the amount of copycats and non-professional tattoo “artists” that are on the internet, and I know they shrug off copyright laws completely. Maybe if we post only photographs of your tattoo in your skin already, those people will notice that the art already belongs to someone and maybe they won’t steal it.

Order and payment processes

— I’d like to order a commission! How does it work?

— After we talk about what you would like to have, I’ll tell you the quote. For technical reasons, I always ask for payment upfront. As soon as you make the payment, your art goes on my schedule. The deadline may change depending on the type of artwork and time of the year, but I will always do my best to finish your art in a timely manner.

For tattoo designs, I sketch it quickly and send you a sample for approval / adjustments and only then I finish it (see detailed process above). I can also apply the image to a photograph, so we can see roughly how it will look and can also apply colors for testing.

For portraits, I’ll ask you for a photograph of the model (of course), and also images of themes you would like, so I can use them as inspiration for the colors and other elements in the drawing.

Tattoo designs are sent as digital files by email, same goes for blog illustrations and other digital art that will be used on the internet only. Portraits are sent through the mail and shipping and handling is included in the original quote.

— How much is it?

— The prices range according to complexity and use of each piece. However, the minimum price for a graphite drawing should be $100 (the same goes for tattoo designs).

— How do I pay?

— Currently, I use PayPal and direct deposit. For international clients I consider PayPal both easier and safer. Since 2018 / 03 I also accept payments through BCash (PayU). I will send you the charge by email and you can pay it through there.

Artwork for commercial use

All processes described here are for personal use. For commercial illustration such as:

  • Editorial illustrations
  • Character design
  • Clothes printing
  • Visual identity

Please contact me for more details.

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